Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Scents Available at Doctor Sweet Tooth!

1. Candy Frosting- A candy confection dream, Cotton Candy Frosting scent has all the best ingredients. The aroma of creamy cupcake frosting highlights the scent of fluffy pink cotton candy. Juicy Strawberry, sweet-tart Raspberry, and sugary Plum scents are added for a fruity dimension. A touch of rich vanilla and a sprinkle of sugar crystals extend the enticing aromas of this irresistibly sweet fragrance.

2. Diva- Steal the spotlight with our Diva fragrance. Bursting with the aroma of tropical fruits and scrumptious berries, Diva fragrance captures the attention of any audience. Orange, pineapple, banana, and passion fruit add a big splash, highlighted by the aroma of sweet ripe strawberries and cranberries. Like any Diva, it’s all about the details, so we adorned Diva fragrance with whispers of pink grapefruit, sugar crystals, and lemon and lime.

3. Drama Queen- What would life be without a little drama? Drama Queen fragrance tweets and twitters with sultry notes for the dark diva, hints of Fig Leaf for the simply sweet, and a splash of lime for the funny and sunny. The tart scent of lush ripe black berries and juicy Dark Pomegranate is balanced by the sweet aroma of Fig Leaf with an unexpectedly bright twist of Lime.

4. Fizzy Pop- Pop Rocks and soda pop create a bubbly explosion, just like our Fizzy Pop fragrance. Sweet and snappy scents of citrusy lime, sunny pineapple, bright lemon and orange come together for a fruity aroma. Hints of gardenia and rose meld with lemongrass for a fun floral twist. Undertones of subtle vanilla make Fizzy Pop a treat as fun and irresistible as Pop Rocks candy tingling on your tongue.

5. Sugar Bubbles- Bright and bubbly, Sugar Bubbles tickles the senses with its sweet effervescent aroma. So fresh and so clean with a candy twist, Sugar Bubbles fragrance captures the scent of old-fashioned bubble bath with attitude.

6. Sugar Rush- A rollercoaster ride of irresistible aromas, Sugar Rush fragrance peaks with the sweet scent of pure sugar cane dancing in the breeze. Always exciting, Sugar Rush unexpectedly tumbles to new depths with the scent of succulent strawberry and seductive vanilla colliding in the background.

7. Vanilla Bomb- Bursting with the intensity of vanilla, Vanilla Bomb fragrance will sweep you away with the aroma of warm, vivid vanilla delicately embracing brown sugar kisses for an unbelievably rich scent.

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Anonymous said...

Vanilla Bomb is THE BOMB :) I want everything in this scent!